Sweden's Underground Naval Base at Muskö

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musok_old.jpg When the world was at war there was only really one safe place and that was underground. That's why the world today is littered with underground military bases many of which are still secret today. Many though have been declassified and some even open to the public. Sweden's Muskö (Musköanläggningen) Naval Base is one that looks right out of a Hollywood film. musko_front_ship.jpg musko_front_ship2.jpg musko_front_ship3.jpg
"It´s not just the docks that are underground, the whole naval base is built under a mountain. There are repair factories, hospitals, dining rooms, barracks etc, all under the mountain. Thousands of soldiers would serve there in wartime and the hospital alone has over 1000 beds. As a comparison, when building the famous underground facilities in Cheyenne Mountains they had to remove 350.000 m3 of stone, in Muskö they had to blow away 1.500.000 m3 of stone (even more if you counting the underground road that leads to Muskö under the seabed)."
Source musko_sub1.jpg musko_sub2.jpg This reminds us of a secret lair for a super villain. musko_exit_1.jpg musko_exit_2.jpg musko_exit_3.jpg musko_exit_4.jpg musko_5.jpg No underground facility would be complete without huge blast doors. musko_doors.jpg musko_4.jpg And how to you get around such a large complex? On a bike of course. Standard issue Swedish Military pushbikes of course. musko_transport.jpg Here's a shot of the facilities supplies area. It looks like a shopping mall. musko_shopping.jpg You can view the location of the base on Google Maps below.

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But if you really want to zoom in and see some details you'll need to use Sweden's Hitta.se which has much more detailed imagery. Check the difference here. musko_hitta_map.jpg musko_hitta_map2.jpg The site was actually sold to Kockums in 2007 for the purpose of marine maintenance. All 65 staff kept their jobs. Kockums is the developer of the very silly, but very stealthy, Visby Class Corvette.

More info on Muskö here, here and here. Supply store photo from from here.