Seattle Underground

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seattle-underground_top.jpg When an accidental fire ripped through 33 blocks of a mostly wooden Seattle in 1889 the city decided to rebuild with stone and brick. Oh and rebuild a couple of stories higher to reduce the potential for flooding. What was then created was an above ground Seattle and an underground Seattle. It wasn't until 1907 that it was condemned. A small portion has been restored for public access. seattle_underground_1.jpg seattle_underground_2.jpg seattle_underground_3.jpg seattle_underground_4.jpg It wasn't until 1965 when a private citizen decide to run commercial tours in the underground. You can book tickets here for as little as $15. There's also an adults only version which goes into more of the seedy aspects of life in 1889. Here you can see the stairs that take you down to what was originally the ground floor. It's quite confusing that a whole city can be raised up. At first, pedestrians climbed ladders to go between street level and the sidewalks in front of the building entrances. Brick archways were constructed next to the road surface, above the submerged sidewalks. Skylights with small panes of clear glass, (which later turned to amethyst-colored because of manganese in the glass), were installed, creating the area now called the Seattle Underground. seattle-underground_stairs.jpg seattle_underground_5.jpg Here's a video tour of the Seattle Underground.

Also here's a Fox news report about ghosts in the Seattle underground. The embed was disabled on Youtube which is quite annoying.

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For more information check out Wikipedia and for more images check Flickr. P.S: We apologize for the delay in posting. We've been working hard on the official site for the City of Ember movie which should be ready next week!.