Home Maintenance Checklist For Every Season

Home maintenance is one of the biggest challenges that almost every homeowner faces. You may think that getting the perfect hood will end your struggles, which is far from the truth. You need to keep this house in good shape if you want its price to appreciate, make the fixtures durable, have a functional home and also make it attractive. You may be willing to do all these things, but you do not know where to start. Below are the perfect tips on how to keep your home in good shape every season


It is the warmest season of the year, and you should ensure that your air conditioning system is in the best shape. It is the best time to take care of the outdoors in areas such as painting as most of the paints will stick for longer. If your region experiences mild storms during summer, then it is good that you fasten your outdoor furniture. You can secure items such as your patio to the ground or on the deck. Most of the pests flourish during this season and you should thus take care of your garden and also cut any overgrown bushes within your compound. It is also the best time when you can do home renovations and make your home more functional.


It is the season that allows you to get your house ready for winter. It can be a blend between cold and warm season depending on the specific area. It thus means that you have to get everything in order as you prepare for the cold weather. Leaves are likely to wither as the cold season sets in. Such dirt and other debris call fill and block your gutters and bring about drainage problems. Ensure that you clean all the gutters and do not wait for the dirt to pile up. It is also the best time to add insulation to your home as you wait for the cold season. Do a manual inspection to determine the areas that might be letting in cold air from the outside.


It can be one of the harshest seasons of the year especially if you live in an area that snows. Your home becomes exposed to so many hazards, which may make life unbearable at times. Life should not stop because it is cold, but you have to make your property habitable. Ensure that your furnace is in the best shape because you require a lot of heating during this season. Do not wait until the filters on your furnace fail but ensure that you replace them after 2-3 months. Inspect for cracks and holes in your home because most rodents will get inside your home looking for a warmer environment. You do not have to wait for the snow to pile up in your homestead as it may cause blockages in various parts. Getting rid of snow will be easy with a resource such as Snow Shifts that explores some of the best equipment and offers practical tips.


This season is known to be warm but cooler when compared to summer. It is time that you get rid of most of the mess that accumulates during the winter season. There is a high possibility that there will be light showers and snow melts which means more water down your gutters. Keep these gutters clean to ensure that liquids flow easily. If you live in an area that experiences hailstorms during this season, then ensure that you renovate your home with materials that are resistant to such adverse weather conditions. It is also the time that you can check whether there is water damage from the winter season and take the necessary action. There are some inspections that you can do by observation, but some will require an expert who will do diagnostic tests and troubleshooting

It is quite evident that the home maintenance approach varies from one season to the other. Do not wait until a particular season sets in so that you can start shopping for supplies but ensure that you do it early enough. There may be some overlap of some approaches in some seasons, but ensure that you understand what applies best and at what time.