How Can You Put Your Drone to Use?

A few times ago, the sky was reserved for airplanes, birds and well, flying objects that most people thought to be UFOs, but now you have a wider choice to guess. The skyline has become dotted with unmanned aerial vehicles, the most common ones being drones. These drones have become commonplace because of their affordability and the different roles they can perform, as long as you are innovative.

Not everyone who buys a drone is using it for fun – some are using them to take videos and pictures that matter. It turns out that these gadgets have a lot of unexpected and interesting uses. Let us see a few of these uses, maybe you can get an idea of putting your drone to use or get inspired to get one from RotorCopters.

Aerial Photography

You don’t have to climb the tallest building or hire a helicopter to get the best aerial shot of a demonstration or capture the image of a winding river. Well, many drones come equipped with high-resolution cameras that you can adjust from the console. Other drones have an attachment to hold an iPhone or other camera as you choose.

Images abound on the internet sourced from drone cameras that have been used to capture special moments. Family members have used them to get an aerial shot of a wedding, picnic or family get-together.

Many offices are using these drones to do mapping of geographical areas. Others, especially who work in the wild, use the drones to monitor wildlife.

One of the most common and mainstream uses of drones is real estate videography. Real estate agents used to depend on flat images to sell their homes, which wasn’t so effective at all. Using drones helps give the potential client a complete walkthrough of the home, with such videos getting 400 percent more activity as compared to image and text only listings.


Trust me; what you see from the ground is totally different from what you see from the air. If you are planning a home makeover, try to see it from an aerial view and you will have a different idea of what to do to add some spice to the property. Owners of ranches can use this to plan for their next crop, instead of running around all day checking everything physically. While at it, you can fly it over your ranch house to see whether you have any shingles missing after the last storm.

Science and Research

Drones have become vital in research projects because they give an overall view from different perspectives. You can also use the drone to map out areas of research, as well as collect data without disturbing or influencing the environment from which you are working from.


Helicopters have long been used as a support for ground teams. However, these are expensive and usually take time before they get ready for use. Drones are quicker, more effective and form the most successful alternative in such a case.

Learning to use the drone is very easy. It only takes a few sessions of training to learn how to steer the drone, which in turn saves the organization on costly training programs. Additionally, you can deploy the drone in a matter of minutes, making it ideal for immediate aerial support.

Search and Rescue Missions

Special features regarding drones make them ideal for search and rescue missions. Their ability to fly very low on the ground, their capability to get in and out of hard-to-access areas and their affordability. These drones make use of high-definition cameras, at times thermal imaging, to help find animals or people. For instance, of recent drones have been used to search for flood victims.


You can start your film-making career by using a drone to get aerial videos of scenes. These drones are more versatile and less expensive than cameras on helicopters, cranes, and jibs.

Final Shot

There are endless lists of some of the things that you can do using drones that have high-definition cameras. These drones make many activities easy and less expensive, taking the place of traditional aerial photography tools. The whole operation is quick to launch and easy to manage from the ground. However, make sure you have the right drone for the job.