How Health Professionals Can Use Instagram

Most healthcare professionals join social media networks through Twitter and Facebook. They have failed to take advantage of one standout platform – Instagram.

Ironically, Instagram has outshone Twitter when it comes to user count and surpasses both Twitter and Facebook when it comes to user engagement.

Most professionals think that the only images they can share on a network platform are the jarring images when handling patients for different procedures – wrong. Today we look at some of the images you can post on your account, and grow a following according to Anne at Free Your Spine.

Diagnostic and Surgical Images

While a sectional photo of a muscle group or a broken bone might not attract a large audience, you can still go for some diagnostic and surgical photos that will awe the masses. You can post X-rays showing something unique about a given procedure. Many users will seek to know what it is and will marvel at how you answer any questions they have. This is how you grab their attention.

Latest Medical Equipment

Many patients or potential patients usually fear the unknown. They find medical issues to be scary especially medical equipment. This is why it is vital that you help alleviate this fear.

You can use Instagram to share photos of latest medical equipment and add some text about the effectiveness of the equipment, surgical rooms and examination rooms.  Each description should explain what the equipment is, its role in treatment and the success rate.


You can share images and information regarding the latest medical research findings in different fields.  For instance, you can talk about the latest research findings about cosmetic procedures such as facelifts. Make sure the information and images you share come from reliable sources and can be substantiated.

This is what content marketing is all about – making your practice look credible in the eyes of the audience. One way to do this is to establish yourself as a credible source of information. Your will be top on the list whenever the person seeks information on a particular subject.

Since Instagram is a visual platform, go ahead and share informational images. These can be medical sketches, recovery guidelines and infographics showing the findings from a study.

Photos of Patients

With their permission, you can share the photos of patients that you have dealt with before. The good thing is that you probably have patients who have already shared their photos after successful treatment in your facility. You can like them or follow them and re-post their images then tag them.

The best photos you can use include before and after photos of patients, images of the patients enjoying their recovery as well as some images before they hit the theater.

In Closing

You can make good use of Instagram as a medical doctor. With proper following, you end up with more than just followers because you establish yourself as an authority in the field. What you need to know is that Instagram is a visual platform that requires you to use high quality images to deliver your message.