How to Alleviate Pre-wedding Blues

Yoru wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day ever, so why is it that you are feeling low as the day nears? You might blame it on all the drama and the constant calls that you are receiving, but remember these decisions are the ones that lead to the perfect wedding.

The planning and the pressure might make it hard for you to focus on anything other than the wedding, but at the end of the day, you need to take time and relax, let your mind wander.

Today we look at the tips that you can use to fight the pre-wedding blues so that you can enjoy the process.

Make it Visual

Before even you can start organizing the day, try to visualize it in a positive light.  Creatively visualizing the day creates a sense of excitement for the day, it also reduces the stress surrounding the day.

When you visualize and dream about the upcoming day, you get to picture the details that you want and then work towards them.

This reduces the stress because you can visualize the day and see it as it happens. Whatever you conjure in your mind usually becomes real when you know work towards it.

Find Out the Cause of the Depression

Before you can start looking around for the solution to your wedding blues, you need to try and find out why you are depressed. Take time to look around and see what makes you more stressed. Is it the noise, maybe the constant phone calls?

When you understand what is haunting you, then you can find someone to talk to before it becomes chronic. You can talk to a friend that had a successful wedding and find out how they dealt with wedding blues during their wedding.

Additionally, it would be good to delegate the tasks to an experienced wedding planner that knows what to do with the day. It takes time to get the wedding in shape, and when you have a person who understands what to do, and then it becomes easier on you.

This means that instead of concentrating on the causes of the depression, you focus on other aspects of the wedding that are more positive and easier for you.


You want the wedding day to be the best it can be, and you want it to be as great as possible without coming out all worn out. What you need is to make sure you delegate the tasks to people that understand what you need.

First, come up with a list of tasks that you want to handle, and then find someone to handle them. Being your special day, it is just right that you make sure you choose experts in that particular field; otherwise the day might end up spoilt.

Task each person that you choose to help you get the best out of the day. For instance, the food should cater to all the needs of the guests and be delicious.

Only Go for the Best

Many brides find the going hard because they choose a lot of items that are below standard. Look at it this way – when it comes to choosing the various aspects of the wedding, it is good only to choose the best there is, this helps reduce the stress.

One of the things that cause pre-wedding blues is the wedding venue. A wrong choice can always spoil the fun, which means you spoil everything else there is. One of the ways to do alleviate this is to make sure you get the perfect venue to enjoy the day.

The venue needs to match the theme you choose so that you don’t have to spend so much on decor.

You can check out the top venues by working with your wedding planner. A good venue will be evident right away, and the planner will also realize this. You can also check it out for yourself to confirm its suitability.

The Bottom-line

Wedding blues are supposed to be a normal occurrence, but many people don’t find it easy to handle them. What you need to do is to try and find out what is causing the stress and come up with a way to alleviate the stresses.