How to Prepare Your Meals Faster

One of the top tips for healthy eating is to cook more often. As a cook, you are responsible for whatever goes into your mouth at all times, more so if you do the shopping by yourself. One of the biggest afflictions though is lack of adequate time to handle the cooking right.

People who cook regularly know that it is easy to cook and it offers the best way to beat stress. It also forms a beautiful transition between the work time and the night-time. It is also one way you tell yourself that you are home.

However, many of us wish we could cook faster than we normally do. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Have the Pantry Full of What You Need

Have a pantry full of meal essentials that you need. This makes it easy and quick to get all that you need. For most people, the cupboard holds just a few items that they need on a daily basis, and these do not last long to make the cooking faster.

If you have dried herbs, chicken, and other items that you can easily use for your cooking, then you are on your way to a faster, different meal each day.

To get what you need, sit down and consider the items you need each week for every meal. Have them at hand, so that you do not have to be stuck in the middle of cooking a tasty meal because you do not have the ingredients. All you have to do now is to supplement the food – choosing either meat or chicken.

Before you stock on pre-packaged foods, make sure you know what ingredients they obtain. Most of these foods are loaded with too much fat or sodium. Instead, shop for items that can offer high nutrition during the off-season days.

Organize the Kitchen

The faster you can access items on your countertop, the faster the cooking process becomes. Take time to organize your home so that you get what you need without having to go through a lot of clutter. Yes, the time you save might not be so significant, but at the end of it all, you will have taken lesser time getting an item than before.

First, open all your drawers and organize them so that you remove any unnecessary clutter. Do this several times a week so that you do not have useless gadgets blocking the necessary items.

Having a garbage bowl on the countertop makes a good addition to cleaning up the countertop. Line up the bowl with trash bags for easier waste disposal too.

Before you start cooking, make sure you have all that you need on the counter. This will make sure you do not forget an important ingredient or accessory, and you will not scramble to get what you need.

Upgrade Your Microwave

A microwave is an important tool in the kitchen, because of its benefits when heating leftovers and defrosting foods that are frozen solid.

You can speed up the preparation of the food by increasing the rate at which you defrost your foods. You can also reuse your leftovers if you have the right kind of oven.

One of the best ovens that was being discussed several years ago, and still is on everyone’s lips is the convection oven. This equipment comes with various benefits, ranging from cooking food faster to delivering even heat to the food. Make sure that you choose the perfect oven that suits your needs.

Always Be Prepared

You can take time to prepare ingredients for the next day when you get some time today. For instance, you can precook the broccoli and keep it in the fridge, or chop the vegetables to make them ready for the next day.

Additionally, research and know which foods keep well without losing their nutrient value and flavour. Most dishes that keep well include stews, casseroles and soups. Refrigerate and store them at the recommended temperature, reheating them only when necessary.

Final Thoughts

It is prudent that you speed up the process of cooking food so that you can get more time to yourself. Have an inventory, keep it simple and make sure you prepare well in advance when making the food.