How Your Fitness Tracker Can Help You Get Fitter

Ever joined a gym to lose weight and get fit only to find it didn’t work as you didn’t go as often as you needed to? Have you just bought, or received, a fitness tracker and you are worried it will go the same way? You wonder how on earth this band on your wrist will help with your fitness. Well, let’s look at how your fitness tracker can help you to get fitter.

Which Fitness Tracker?

If you don’t already have a fitness tracker but are in the process of deciding which tracker to buy, then research is key. You may know somebody who swears their fitness tracker is the best and is the one that you need. However, trackers have so many different options and features that it is important you do your own research to find the one that you would actually use.

Start your research by checking out a comparison site like Fitness Exact where they compare the different models and give you an idea of the best one for you. You will see that they give a rundown of the different trackers along with a look at the features and benefits.

Just be aware that fitness trackers aren’t good at everything. Some are really accurate at tracking steps, others are accurate counting calories. Decide what your main requirement is, before getting swept away by the plethora of features.

Now that you have chosen your fitness tracker, how will it help you to get any fitter? We all know that inactivity is bad and we are becoming less and less active. Moving can help your overall health and this is one of the major benefits of using a fitness tracker.

Physical Activity.

Having a fitness tracker does encourage you to be more active. This is through both goal setting and informing you that you have been inactive for a set amount of time. Many trackers can be set to give you a buzz if you have been inactive. The time can be tailored to your own preference. You may be keen when you first get your tracker but don’t set the time too short. You will become annoyed at the constant interruptions and start ignoring it, which defeats the whole purpose!

The second way a tracker increases your physical activity is through goals. This leads to the second benefit of a tracker, that of motivation.


You may, or may not, be the competitive type, but your goals on the fitness tracker act as guaranteed motivation. This is the concept behind any goal tracking in that by seeing your goal you are more motivated to achieve it. You can set your own targets and see what progress you are making towards it. Once you get close, you are more likely to do that extra push to reach it.

Goal Progression.

One mistake many people make when they have a fitness tracker is not progressing their goals. For example, if your step goal is 10,000 and you regularly reach it, up your goal. If you can reach 10,000 without undue effort then you should raise it to 11,000. The goal should be achievable with a little extra push, not achievable on a normal day. It is only by pushing yourself that you will improve.

However, as a note of caution, don’t make your goals so hard that you get nowhere near them. You need to be able to achieve a goal, to celebrate the victory. Once you have that feeling, then you will want to get it again. As your fitness tracker is so visual and easy to use, you can set manageable goals that don’t overwhelm you but still give you a sense of achievement.

Daily Habits.

It is easy to let your fitness tracker sit there and do its own thing. One of the ways you will increase your fitness is by changing your habits. For the better! Set yourself little mini goals so you are improving your health and fitness. Don’t just try and do all your physical activity in a single time slot during the day. Try to add little pockets of activity into your day. If your aim is to climb 10 sets of stairs, try to do one an hour. Try to walk 100 steps each hour. Try to get up and move after 40 minutes of steady working. Little mini goals will move you towards a healthier lifestyle.

Log Your Food.

Although this is not specific to a fitness tracker, once you have a fitness tracker you will be more motivated to improve your lifestyle. There are many apps where you can record your food, and sync up with your fitness tracker. You will have a better idea of what you eat if you start recording it.


It is easy to hide the fact that you have barely moved all day from yourself. It is not so easy when you wear a fitness tracker. You will not be able to hide from your own laziness! You may think you have walked enough only to realise you have not done 2,000 steps. The thought of seeing less than stellar activity levels recorded in black and white is often enough to motivate you.

Fitness trackers are becoming more and more popular. Everyone you see seems to be wearing one. Make sure that yours is not just a fashion accessory, but use it as a tool to increase your health and fitness. Try out our tips and advice and it won’t be long before you are seeing, and feeling, a difference in your health and well-being.