Ixon Suburb Review – Motorcycle Jacket with Comfort, Protection and Style

Looking for an all-around jacket that emphasizes fashion, function, and form in one go? Then the Ixon Suburb may just be the moto jacket for you. Buying a motorcycle jacket (or moto, if you will) nowadays is so much in vogue. You only need to look at the proliferation of jackets of all shapes, sizes, and specifications to see how complicated a purchase can get.

The fact of the matter is that it’s often hard to find a jacket that is stylish as a fashion statement, yet sturdy enough to handle real conditions of the road. The truth is that we’re stuck with $50 dollar faux leather options that last all of one season, then ends up falling apart, and we aren’t willing to spend upwards of $350 for a designer model that may not even give you the protection you seek in a motorcycle jacket.

The Ixon Suburb changes all of that. For my money, no recent motorcycle jacket provides as much in terms of style and substance than the Suburb. I’m going to show you just how by taking a brief look at this modern moto marvel. Let’s get started.

Modern, Classy Style

The best thing that the Ixon Suburb has going for it is it’s wearability. Despite its construction, it remains a piece that is very comfortable and wearable in any condition. The fit is immaculate; it’s perfectly snug in the right places, and flatters your waist with its style, even when it’s zipped. Comfort is often a sticking point with some consumers, in that we want our cake and eat it too; well, in terms of comfort, style, and wearability, the Ixon Suburb passes all three with flying colors.

Superb, Quality Construction

If you’re looking for a motorcycle jacket whose construction you can be proud of, this is the jacket for you. Oftentimes, motorcycle jackets are heavy, cumbersome and provide you with no circulation. This isn’t the case with the Suburb. With its waxed cotton construction, you are guaranteed breathability and circulation in a package that is super light to wear. This is because the jacket is itself designed to take in air from the front and the back. Furthermore, the collars aren’t too high nor low, but just right.

Protection in Every Weather Condition

Don’t get me wrong; despite its lightness and wearability, the Ixon Suburb is completely waterproof. The outer is very wind-resistant, while there is a slot at the back where you could insert lumbar support or protective gear for your back. Unlike most other motorcycle jackets, this one has two inner pockets that are perfect for storing your mobile device and your wallet, as well as the customary two pockets on the outside – which, as we all know, are mainly for show, not for go.


This motorcycle jacket is an absolute steal at its retail price from Ixon, which is EUR 179.90; it’s waterproof, breathable, comfortable, and sturdy, all of which are worth investing in a moto jacket for. Seriously, at this price range, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better that combines both style and comfort than the Ixon Suburb. It’s the perfect city jacket that can be used for midrange riding.

In fact, I could swear you can wear this jacket for everyday purposes. This is the only moto jacket I will ever consider wearing every day.

If you’re interested in similar jackets, head on to Bikers Basics to find out what else is available out there. Perhaps there may be just one that’s just as good as the Ixon Suburb.