Izunami Flat Iron KTX Slim 450 Review

So you’re looking for a hair straightener, but how do you know which one will suit your hair? What are the implications of different materials, sizes and temperatures? If these questions are giving you a headache, hopefully this and some other the other best hair straightener reviews will be able to guide you in your decision! Today I’ll be looking at Izunami’s Flat Iron KTX Slim 450. Could this be the one for you?

Who is it for?

The KTX Slim 450 can have its temperature adjusted anywhere between 250 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, this scale doesn’t include the lower temperatures which are typically used with finer hair, but it certainly gets hot and that’s what people with extremely coarse, curly and thick hair are looking for in a straightener.

The plates measure 1.25 x 4.25 inches – slightly larger than most competing products’ plates and more suitable for those who want to straighten in a short time without doing too much styling. It is, of course, possible to style one’s hair with 1.25-inch plates, but there’s less precision than when using the smaller 1-inch plates.

What other features does it have?

Although the Izunami Flat Iron KTX Slim 250 is quite a simple product, it does have one or two nice additional features. I like the long, swivel cord which eliminates the need to find a plug socket and a mirror which are close together and also enable you to work easily without unplugging or tangling the cord. It’s also a lightweight design which saves your arms from fatigue when using the straightener over longer periods of time.

There’s also the 60-minute sleep mode – invaluable for those of us who often forget to turn their gadgets off. Now I don’t even have to worry whether I left it switched on or not!

What I like about it

Unlike other irons, the plates on the Izunami don’t pull or pinch at your hair at all. There’s very little chance of losing any hair or sustaining burns when you use this flat iron. The wider plates make straightening quicker, too, which is great for those who find themselves hard-pressed for time in the mornings.

What I don’t like

Surprisingly, a number of reviewers have expressed their disappointment over the Izunami Flat Iron’s inability to deal with very coarse and curly hair. It seems that Izunami may have actually created a product which doesn’t work for its targeted market.

Some reviewers have expressed their doubts that the flat iron actually reaches the 450 degrees Fahrenheit advertised and therefore doesn’t have the desired effect when straightening their hair.

In conclusion

I really tried to like this one – it has a simple and attractive design and seemed to have a lot of bases covered – easy and convenient to use without over-complicating things. However, hearing more than a few reviews saying it just doesn’t work and then checking out the flat iron’s meagre 3.8 stars (which Amazon users currently give it out of a possible 5), I’ve decided to withhold my recommendation. This could well be a great flat iron for you, but I’d suggest you at least have a look at some other options before making your decision!