Maintaining Your Foosball Table

A foosball table might be a bit costly for the average foosball enthusiast, which is why when you get your hands on one, you need to make sure you maintain it in a perfect condition so that you can enjoy the game longer.

Maintaining the table from Foosball Fanatic is not all about the worth, but for fun you get out of it. Here are a few suggestions on what to do to keep the table in tiptop condition.

Keep the Rods in Perfect Working Order

Apart from the figurines, other parts of the table that get the hardest hit are the figurines. Apply a few drops of silicone to the rods to reduce the friction and make sure the rods work well especially in and around the bearing. Silicone represents the primary lubricant for the foosball tables. It helps stop the snickering of the rods.

For the best performance, apply silicone to the rods at least once every month.

Clean the Entire Table with the Proper Cleaner

Most of the foosball tables don’t come with a cover so they are prone to dust and dirt. To be sure the table remains clean, use a cleaner that is specific for cleaning these tables.

These cleaners come in various types and capabilities. The cleaner you choose needs to have the capacity to remove all the stains, dirt and dust without damaging the fabric in any way. You can get the commercial brands available on the market or go for a homemade solution.

Repair Loose Parts

As you enjoy the game each day, the various parts get a beating, so you need to look out for the various parts that are chipped or worn out. For any broken or chipped part, make sure you identify and glue them together immediately. Failure to do this can make the foosball table to get more damaged.

You can use many commercial types of superglue to do this work. However, as you do this, make sure you avoid getting any glue on the playing surface.

Store in a Secure Place

One of the aspects that can damage the foosball table is extreme weather. Sun, rain and snow are the worst enemies for any table. Since foosball is meant to be played indoors, let it remain so. Don’t leave the foosball outdoors or expose it to extreme temperatures as this will end up spoiling the parts.

Replace Broken or Chipped Figurines

The figurines are an essential part of the whole foosball arrangement. They make it possible for you to kick the ball to and fro. As you use the figurines on a daily basis, they break or get chipped. Once this happens, you need to find the right replacement for the broken one.

To do this, you ought to know the model of the table and get the size of the figurines. Take time to talk to your supplier about the replacement you need and get it replaced before it gets completely damaged.

The figurines can be sourced from the manufacturer that sold you the table.

Cover When Not In Use

You might argue that the table doesn’t come with a cover, but you can use fabric to cover the table when it’s not in use. The fabric helps prevent moisture and dust from settling in the moving parts and destroying them.

The fabric cover needs to fit the table exactly so that you prevent the dust coming from all sides.

Choose the Right Foosball Table

Having a poor quality foosball table makes it hard for you to get the right quality, which in turn makes it hard for you to maintain it. A table made of the low-quality material is harder to maintain as compared to a table made of high-quality materials. The better the design, the longer the table will last.

A well-designed table also eliminates the need to replace items after a specific period of time, which means you spend less on the maintenance.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining your foosball table is easy, all you need to do is to follow these few tips to ensure you have the right maintenance schedule. The best preventive maintenance tip is to go for a table that is made of high-quality material.