Personalised Gym Bags

Personalised Gym Bags: The Best Way For Parents To Organize Extracurricular Activities

Back to school time can be hectic. With all the shopping, homework, and seemingly infinite organizational challenges on the way, it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed. Especially when you factor in the plethora of after-school activities available for kids today. One of the largest problems presenting itself to children and their guardians at back-to-school time is how to organize for school electives and extracurricular activities. Especially with all the backpacks, binders and other various school supplies the smaller members of society already have to tote around, it can be an absolute nightmare organizing another set of supplies in yet another bag. How is a parent to keep it together in all the rush?

Where is the best place to stow a child’s gym clothes, soccer cleats or school marching band uniform that the child will both remember and enjoy? Furthermore, how can a child ensure that his or her supplies won’t get picked up mistakenly by another student or teammate? The answer is in these personalised gym bags from Custom Funky Embroidery and Design.

This item meets all kids’ and parents’ needs when it comes to keeping gym clothes and uniforms safe, dry and organized this back to school year. These bags are 100 percent polyester and rain-resistent, meaning that getting caught in the rain isn’t a deal-breaker. These gym bags also come embroidered with the child’s name in a variety of colors to choose from at an incredibly affordable price. Perfect for children of all ages, the bags are drawstring-operated, making them easy and quick to open and close.

These roomy bags are 45 x 33 cm, able to fit a pair of extra shoes, a change of clothes, a water bottle and a snack with a little bit of room left over for odds and ends (of which there may be alot!). The embroidery is strong and stitched directly onto the bag so it won’t peel away after a few uses. The sturdy sacks will last throughout the year, ensuring kids always have the go-to bag they need when rushing out the door to a practice.

Children and parents are able to fully customize the bags to their preference with the easy-to-use website provided by Custom Funky. There are a variety of designs to choose from, and they  cover just about every extracurricular activity out there. Children can choose from basketball, soccer, dance, or from a wide selection of non-denominational designs available.

Brighter colored bags are fun, and make kids easy to spot in a crowded dance hall, gym or auditorium. They stand out and make the children wearing them stand out too, turning what was once a boring necessity into a fun and special accessory they’ll be proud to call their own.

When it comes time to pack up and call it a day, parents and kids can easily pick their bag out of a lineup or off of a wall peg, without the inconvenience of accidentally taking someone else’s bag—or having their bag taken by mistake! Furthermore, parents of multiple children can buy different customized bags for each one of their children. This ensures that the childrens’ bags don’t get mixed up, and one (oops!) shows up to soccer practice with a swimsuit.

By adding these personalised gym bags to a child’s arsenal of organizational tools, parents ensure the child has a fun way of toting their items around that is completely unique to them, easy to recognize, sturdy and fun. Kids will love to arrive at practice ready to rumble with a customized bag, and parents will love the ease of snagging the bag and child and heading home after a  long day.