Rancilio Silvia Espresso Coffee Machine Review

Coffee is slowly but surely becoming the lifeblood of the world. So many people drink it in the morning to get prepared to face the day that you will probably find at least one drinker in each household up and down the land. Whilst that morning cup of instant coffee is good, nothing quite beats the taste of one that has been made by a proper coffee machine, normally in a shop somewhere. Nowadays though you can get that freshly ground coffee taste in your own home thanks to the abundance of coffee machines that have popped up over the last few years. Today we will be taking a look at the Rancilio Silivia Espresso Coffee Machine to see just how good it really is, but should you wish to compare it to others you can do so at http://www.espressogusto.com/rancilio-hsd-silvia/ .

Tell me about its features

The whole point of buying a coffee machine for your home is to be able to make great tasting beverages without every having to go further than your kitchen. The Rancilio uses a lot of clever technology to do this and one of the most important parts is the commercial graded group head it has which gives you superb heat stability and extraction quality. Paired with this is the articulating steam wand which offers a complete range of motions whilst the professional steaming knob will accurately control the steams temperature. To top this all off the ergonomic filter handle is the same design as that of the commercial Rancilio machines so you know you are buying a top quality piece of kit.

What are its good points?

This machine is made from a combination of stainless steel and cast iron so the built quality is second to none. It has been designed to last, and it should provide you with delicious tasting espressos for years to come. The 3 way solenoid which comes with the machine is crucial as it lets pressure escape from the basket so that when you switch off the pump, the coffee grounds will fall out in a solid shape rather than a sloppy mess, saving you a lot of clean up time!

What are the bad points?

This machine is in no way designed for an amateur coffee maker. It is tough to get the hang of when you first buy it, and unless you have had previous experience with similar machines before it may be worth looking elsewhere.


For a season hand this is the espresso maker to go to if you want delicious tasting coffee every time. It can be picky about the grind of the beans on occasion, but this is the sign of a machine which knows its niche and has cornered it well as it won’t accept anything but the best. This is not the home coffee maker to head towards if you are just beginning your journey into this world, but once you are a little more settled into it then you should definitely come back and pay it a visit!