Relaxing with Massages and Meditation

Relaxing with Massages and Meditation

The nine-to-five can leave anyone drained. Commute, work, quick lunch, work, commute, working around the house, cooking, cleaning, sleep. This cycle slowly breaks all of us down. It gets to the point where even on your days off you find it hard to let your shoulders relax, hard to take a real deep breath, hard to even get work off your mind.

Of course, society is the root of this problem. we wouldn’t have to work so hard if we just didn’t have so many bills and payments. But society provides the solutions as well. We all have our stress relievers, and they’re definitely not the same things our pre-society ancestors were using to relax.

A lot of people turn to cigarettes. You see them popping out every hour or two for a smoke break. It’s no mystery anymore how cigarettes are bad for our health. Lung cancer, emphysema, a weaker immune system, all of these things cost time and money to deal with which won’t exactly leave you less stressed. Not to mention the primary action of nicotine in your body causes further tension and leaves you more anxious when you can’t reach for your pack or roll one up.

My personal favorite relaxation method is getting a massage. If you didn’t know, theres countless massage parlors throughout Singapore. However you are taking a risk when you spend money on a massage from these places. Some are extremely high-quality and deliver massages that will leave you in a state of nirvana through the rest of the day, others I’ve gone to only half-heartedly rubbed my shoulders for 45 minutes and then charged me $80!

Of course, massages cost money, so if you’re really stressed you might end up losing sizable chunks of your paycheck to these places. Taking the time to drive out to your favorite massage spot and getting the massage can also take up valuable time, and you might find yourself too busy to make the trip. Another time-saving, more affordable option is to purchase a massage chair. If you’re interested, look here to find a good massage chair in Singapore. You might not get the same quality of muscle relaxation you receive at a high-end expensive massage parlor, but it’s easy to set up in your home or office and can at least get you through your busy week until you can take some time on the weekend to really go all out with your relaxation!

Alcohol seems to be the overall favorite. The popular choice of destressing worldwide, alcohol causes a release of cortisol in your body which leads to feelings of relaxation, relief from anxiety, and give you a mood boost. But alcohol, too, is costly. Over time it can cause health problems such as obesity, depression, or liver damage. And of course, if you over do it, you can end up with a terrible hangover. Ever worked with a hangover? The word productive doesn’t exactly work here, and it can leave you stressing even further as you struggle to catch up.

Meditation is the first healthy option on this list. Meditation is proven to have countless positive effects on your brain. it boosts your cognitive abilities, increases overall feelings of wellness, relieves anxiety, and even improves focus and productivity. If meditation was a pill it would be the most popular drug on the market. Unfortunately, the downside of meditation is that it’s not as easy as taking a medication. Meditating takes time, practice, and effort. Even if you can only spare ten minutes a day, the results are well worth it. Another benefit of meditation is that it’s completely free, and you can do it anywhere. Theres no negative health effects, except maybe a sore butt from sitting so long before you get used to it!

There are positive ways to relax, and others that are more harmful. If you’re experiencing any negative effects from stress, cigarettes, or alcohol, consider trying meditation and massages. It just might be the thing that helps you get the rest you need.