Tips for Living with Pets in an Apartment

7 out of 10 apartment renters own cats or dogs, or both. With congestion and small living spaces, it might be a huge challenge living with these fluffy, yet fun balls of fur in the apartment. However, with the right tips, you can nail the experience, and enjoy each moment. Here are six tips to live with a pet successfully in the apartment, and enjoy a stress-free experience.

Understand The Pet’s Personality

You have to understand the personality of the pet when living in an apartment. Remember, you are living with other people in the same building. In such an instance, you need to know that noise is a no-no. This is the reason you are better placed having a large dog that has a mellow personality as compared to small dogs that have high-energy. Such dogs will bark the whole night long, keeping the neighbors awake.

Understand Pet Shedding, and How to Deal With It

It’s what they do. You have to get accustomed to this idea. Whether small, medium or short haired breeds, all dogs and cats shed their hair at one time or another. You also need to understand normal dog shedding and excessive shedding. Excessive shedding might be a symptom of an underlying disease.

So, what is normal shedding? This varies depending on the pet you keep. All dogs shed at some point during the year (except for hairless breeds). Most will shed their hair all year round, while some will get it off seasonally. Anyway, this is your cross to bear, and you need to do it in a spectacular way.

While you can’t prevent your healthy pet from shedding, you can reduce the volume of fur and hair in your home. Hair and fur collects in the fibers in the carpet and lead to a wide range of issues in the home. One of the top problems you experience is allergies. If you have pets in a home with kids or the elderly, watch out for allergic reactions.

So, how can you get pet hair out of your carpet? The solution is simple – use a vacuum cleaner. Choose the best cleaner that can delve deep into the fibers and pull out every strand of pet hair. Start your journey towards a hair-less carpet by visiting this website.

Set Proper Bathroom Routines

It is easier for you to have a pet within an apartment when you establish a routine for their bathroom breaks. Make sure you take out your pets at certain times during daytime and evening. You also need to have them use specific areas around the building or neighborhood.

Have a litter box set in a private area for your cats; keep it hidden in a spare bedroom or in a corner in the bathroom. By using dedicated areas, you cut down on the unnecessary mess that is normal of having pets in your home.

Opt for the First Floor

As a pet owner living in a multi-story building, it is more convenient for you to take your dog for exercise, bathroom breaks and for walks. You don’t have to take the dog up and down the stairs or elevator.

Since dogs are heavier, they tend to make a lot of noise thudding around your apartment. Cats and dogs with high energy also tent to jump and run around so much, which might be a disturbance to the neighbors and other house members.

Let Them Exercise

High-energy dog breeds such as retrievers, Labradors and shepherds will adapt well to the apartment life as long as they get daily exercises. Make sure you include outdoor play time as well for such breeds. If you are too busy to take your dog for exercise, get a professional to do this for you.

Remember, as they run and roll around, they leave dander and hair all around. You need to clean up after them in order to maintain a clean living environment.

Final Thoughts

Every dog breed sheds hair at some point; this hair gets deposited around the house. You need to find the perfect way to rid your home of this hair. One of the best ways to do this is to use a vacuum cleaner. You also need to understand your pet’s behavior, give plenty of exercise and set bathroom routines.