Tips To Improve Tenant-Landlord Relationship

First of all, congratulations on the new status that you have attained as a landlord. The idea of receiving rental income at the end of every month sounds good. However, management may not be that easy as dealing with humans can be a bit challenging. You will meet with people from all walks of life, and knowing how to handle them is not that easy. Research shows that more than 50% of tenants move out because they have disagreements with their landlords. Changing tenants can be costly and even lead to the loss of rental income. The following are the perfect tips to maintain a good relationship with tenants.

Establish clear communication channels

There needs to be a two-way communication if the relationship with your tenants is to be efficient. There are many things you can communicate on like rent dates, repairs of the property, or anything else that may arise. You need to set out the modes of communication you will use to pass your messages. For instance, you can have a website where you exchange your messages. You can also choose emails or even text messaging for communication purposes. If you decide to use phone calls, then ensure that you do not call at inappropriate times.

Understand your responsibilities as a landlord

Providing houses for other people to rent does not end your responsibilities. You need to go a step further and ensure that the units you provide are habitable and safe. You may have heard of cases where tenants took their landlords to court for failing on their responsibilities. Fire outbreaks can cause damage to your property and also make it hard for tenants to enjoy their stay. A good landlord is always careful with fire hazards as he or she understands the dangers that may arise due to neglecting responsibilities.

Respects the privacy of the tenants

You are the owner of the property. However, this does not mean that you can pop up and have conversations with your tenants at any time. If there are things that you may not like your tenants to do, then ensure that you state on the lease contract. For instance, some landlords may prohibit the rearing of pets in their property. If you must address your tenant, then ensure that you use the agreed modes. If there are repairs and maintenance tasks that need to be done, then ensure that you inform your tenants in advance.

Document everything

You may have heard of landlords who had disagreements with their tenants on many occasions. Money issues are always complicated and you should be ready for this road. For instance, if you require your tenants to deposit a certain amount to use your residence, ensure that you document. Ensure that you have all the deposit slips which you can retrieve at request. If there are maintenance tasks that you do on behalf of the tenant, then you better document to make it easy to settle disputes at the end of the tenancy.

Listen to suggestions

There are some landlords whose sole focus is on the rent they collect at the end of the month. However, you should note that the tenants are your bosses, which means that their opinion counts. You can have a suggestion box on your premises where tenants will drop their opinions anonymously. You can also have meetings where the tenants will have an open forum to discuss issues that affect them. Such interactions aim to learn how you can improve your relationship. Listening to your tenants means that they will see no need to shift from your premises as you understand that at a personal level.