Top Reasons Why Your Kids Need to Spend More Time Outdoors

The technology era sees more and more kids spend more time indoors. Compared to their parents and grandparents who spent most of their free time exploring nature, you are most likely to find the kids in front of the TV or playing video games.

Television, computer games, and other gadgets have replaced den building, tree climbing and much more.

The issue has now changed from being kid-centred and it is now led by the parents, who fear what will happen to their kids when they play and mingle with their peers in nature.

Parent-led instructions are totally different from unstructured play and interaction, and it doesn’t offer the same benefits. While both are ideal for the proper development of the kid, many families are leaving out unstructured play, making it more one-sided.

Today we look at the top reasons why your child needs to enjoy a dose of nature and learning outdoor skills.

Energy Burning

With less time spent outdoors, and more kids spending their time staring at screens and tapping away at gadgets of all sizes, it is no wonder that the obesity crisis is on the rise. Misinformation, poor diet and lack of exercise leave many kids overweight. Experts recommend that kids become active for at least an hour each day, meaning they need to run, jump and climb.

Many parents think that they can replace the unstructured play with sports classes, but the truth is that the time for moving around isn’t always as long as it should be. Instead, you need to encourage your child to spend more time each day to let off some steam.

Health and Physical Benefits

Nature has a surprising effect on the health of the kids. Spending time outdoors has been known to reduce symptoms of stress and makes life more fulfilling. Outdoor play has also been known to reduce the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and anxiety as well.

The mere sensory experience of being outdoors, with the wind rustling in the trees, walking barefoot in the sand, and feeling the warmth of the sunshine on the skin helps to promote relaxation.

Spending time in nature is also beneficial to the bones and skin, an attribute of vitamin D from sunlight. It also helps with the development of the immune system in kids.

Encourage Creativity

The outdoors act like a blank canvas that fosters creativity in the young ones. Indoors, the kid might have a wooden playhouse, a set of toys, and that’s just it. But out in nature, the kid gets to imagine and explore as they wish. They can jump through hoops, play chase, climb trees and become creative with anything they come across.

Kids Connect to Nature

It is a well-known fact that kids who spend more time outside get more connected to nature. Spending time in nature helps these kids value the importance of the world around them, and it encourages them to be mindful of the planet and incites them to have an impact on the planet.

Ideal for Skills Development

With unstructured play from the right Kids Club, your kids learn the various life skills that come in handy later on when they become adults. The skills they learn include problem-solving, following rules and self-control. They also learn self-discipline and how to manage finances.

When they play alone, they are free to do as they wish, but they do this while assessing the risks and find a way to deal with it.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to helping your kids grow, you ought to take them from the comfort of the home and place them somewhere they can become creative – the outdoors.