Various Types of Instagram Automation Tools to Consider

Instagram has come a long way, and it promises to be better than ever with the advent of the mobile phone. With smartphones taking over the world, the app will most definitely grow in size and importance.

With the platform comes the need to use different tools to automate the tasks on Instagram. These tools make your work easier so that you don’t have to stay on Instagram each day trying to do the tasks the right way. Today we look at all the different types of Instagram tools that you can use to automate your task on the platform.

Auto Likers

These tools help you amass likes for your posts so that you make them more visible. All you need to use the auto liker is to make sure you set the parameters to understand the number f likes you need on each post. Remember the number of likes you get per post will depend on the current state of your account. If the posts are originally getting so many likes, then you can add as many likes as possible without triggering the Instagram algorithm.

You need to remember that Instagram has a limit to the number of likes you get on each post each hour and day. Take time to understand the limit before you make use of the tool.

Auto-follow/Unfollow Tool

To have a balance on your account for followers, you need to make sure that you follow a few and then unfollow some. You need to follow those users that share the same interests as you do, which means you need a tool that allows you to use a hashtag or keyword to get the right followers.

Just the way you do with likes, you need to have a limit regarding the number of followers you get to your account each day. A sudden spike in the number of followers might end up triggering the Instagram bot to suspend your account. Make sure you add the followers gradually as compared to dumping the followers on your account in one go.

Additionally, make sure you work with a tool that gives you followers in a given niche as compared to adding random followers. To do this, you need to work with the right growth service such as SocialSteeze. Fred Harrington blogs about this service. The growth tool helps your account get the visibility it needs.

Apart from getting followers, the tool also helps you to let go of some followers. The followers that you decide to let go are the ones that don’t add any value to your account, such as those that are inactive for long.

Scheduling Tool

You also need to schedule your posts especially if you are too busy to post content manually. The tool allows you to choose a few days of the week and then schedule a few posts to run on those days.

The tool allows you to come up with content at the beginning of the week and let it run for a predetermined time. Choose the right scheduling tool that allows you to post content on different accounts without the need for you to log into the accounts.

The tool makes it easy for you to attend to other chores and allow you to run your Instagram account as well.

The Lowdown

As an Instagram marketer, you need to know the various tools that are available for your use so that you can build your Instagram account the right way. You might not be able to use all the tools at once, but you will be able to use the ones that suit your situation at any time.