Waring Pro Cmmercial Waffle Maker Review

The hospitality industry in America is famous for its free continental breakfasts, which offer a wide variety of options for wholesome and complete breakfasts for guests at most major establishments. One of the most common sights at some of the more upstanding locations is a pair of Belgian waffle makers for this classically light, fluffy, and ever-popular breakfast treat. As treats go, Belgian waffles are a safe bet; they’re relatively healthy, they’re viewed as being quite fancy, and they’re simple and affordable to make.

Easy for Guests to Use

I recently had a chance to use the Waring professional waffle maker at a Comfort Inn in Connecticut. In my own experience, it’s easily the simplest and most straightforward commercial Belgian waffle maker I’ve ever had the privilege of trying out. Within minutes, I was making Belgian waffles like a pro – without any slops or messes. The waffle maker’s unique design makes it simple to handle, and produces evenly cooked, light, and fluffy waffles every time.

Safely Rotate While Heating the Best Commercial Belgian Waffle Maker

The Waring professional Belgian waffle maker is designed to be turned while cooking. It rests in a cradle, and offers a simple, cool-touch handle for easy one hundred and eighty degree turning. This is how the Waring Pro is able to produce professional-quality Belgian waffles – a notoriously difficult feat – each and every time you use it. I had no trouble figuring it out, the very first time I got my hands on one.

Quickly and Easily Makes Two Commercial Quality Belgian Waffles

The Waring Pro professional features double pockets, each of them more than one inch deep. This provides the space in which to create two light and fluffy Belgian waffles with every cooking cycle. The process is extremely quick: within moments of spooning the right amount of batter, and sealing the waffle maker shut, your Belgian waffles will be sliding smoothly off of the griddle’s no-stick surface and onto your plate!

Commercial Quality Belgian Waffles. Home Kitchen Ease of Cleaning!

I used to dread having to clean out my waffle maker, to the point where I was less inclined to use it. I’m not going to say that I enjoy it now, but the Waring Pro makes it a far less daunting prospect. Simply wipe down the stainless outer housing, and wipe out the interior with a dish cloth or a paper towel. Its naturally porous and non-stick surfaces make cleaning a snap. Soon, your waffle maker is ready to be stored – until you need it again, whereupon it’s quick and easy to set up.

What Do Your Guests Have to Say?

Have any of your guests ever commented on the use of one of your commercial Belgian waffle makers? I’d like to hear about that, and I’d be interested in hearing any stories you might have specific to the Waring Pro professional Belgian waffle maker. Visit my website at deliciouswafflemakers.com, and head on over to the contact page; let me know what you think! Also, while you’re there… pick up a professional quality Waring Pro or two for your continental breakfasts; you’ll be glad that you did!