Weider Home Gym Review

Bringing a new and exciting piece of technology into your home can go one of two very different ways. It may increase your laziness (a cookie maker or new TV for example,) or it may help you get up and go and start making positive changes in your life. Thankfully, we are going to be looking at something which does that latter and should help you get that beach body ready for the summer. A home gym is something that many look at but only consider, so in an attempt to help you purchase one I am going to be looking at the MegaDeal Weider Home Gym! 

Discuss the features

Incorporated into this relatively small home gym are six work out stations. They include a high pulley, chest press, chest fly, leg developer, a preacher curler and a low pulley system. Depending on which exercise you choose to do, this machine can provide up to 214 lbs of resistance so you shouldn’t struggle to complete your workout. The 81 lbs of weights should be enough for most causal gym users, but some who are looking to bulk rather than tone may find this number limiting. Another good feature included with this machine is the fact that it is 6 foot 3 inches tall, so unless you are an absolute giant you should be able to use it without issue!


What can I use it for?

With the six different work stations you will be able to work out all of your body. The high pulley can be used for your arms, the chest press and chest fly will work out your chest, arms and even back, the leg developer very much does what it says on the tin and will work out your legs and the low pulley system will assist you with both arms and abs. Basically, if you want to work out a group of muscles you will find a way with the Weilder. 

Tell me all about the positives

This home gym is not aiming to challenge those at the very top end of the market and it knows this. That is why they have concentrated on perfecting the features they have chosen to include and they have done this well. This is the perfect home gym for a casual user who will work out two to three times a week.

And tell me about the negatives

Due to it being one of the lower end home gyms the build quality may not be as high and its looks are nowhere near as nice as those of similar machines. However you are not buying a gym for it to look good, you are buying one for you to look good so this isn’t really a negative. Look here if you want to check out some other home gyms.

So, what’s the conclusion?

For its relatively cheap price this is a very good little home gym. It does everything you would want from it and it does it well, so it is with great pleasure that I can state that if you are looking for a basic home gym this is a very good choice.