What is In Your Hair Emergency Kit?

We have all had hair emergencies. At times, you come up with the perfect hairstyle only for it to collapse midway to the event that made you go to the salon in the first place. In addition, at times, you do not have the time to head to the salon to repair the mess.

Whatever the case, you need to be prepared – this is the only secret you have for dealing with hair disasters. Many women think that keeping a spare collection of hairpins is the perfect emergency kit – wrong. What you need is a full hair styling kit that you can use when your hair decides to revolt.

Here are a few items to include in your hair emergency kit.


This is an obvious inclusion. Using the right hairspray, you can easily secure the hairstyle and keep the hair from going wild in all directions, leaving you looking as if you have just gotten out of bed.

Hairspray also enhances your shine, reduces the frizz, promotes volume and protects the hair from harmful UV rays. Always go for aerosol-based hairspray so that you can release the hair in one frizz. They also emit the mist continuously. You are therefore able to cover the whole dome of hair in one spray, which prevents you from overdoing it when you are in a panicky mood.

Hair Straightener

If you are going out in style with a heat-dependent hairstyle, then you need a little straightener tucked in the corner of your bag. The straightener should come with a small clutch to make it easy to store away. The small size makes it portable, and the versatility allows you to use it to straighten bangs, ends or the whole head of hair.

Experts have a good point when they say this is the ultimate tool for on-the-go hair styling. However, you need to choose the right one otherwise you might not get the cow-lick out.

You need to pick the right shape and size that will fit into your favourite bag. You also need to think about the plates as well as the temperature. Additionally, understand the difference between value and price.

At the end of the day, you need to have a portable straightener that gives you the versatility you need and convenience at all times.

Hair Ties and Bobby Pins

Though not equipment or tools, they are necessary at all times. These make it easy for you to tie up your hair and transition from work to play easily. They are also ideal for making quick styles when you are in a hurry. The ties give you the perfect base for any hairdo; while the bobby pins help you make the hair look intricate.

A Comb

The comb has been the all-time favourite for any woman to have in the bag. When all is missing, you are sure to get a comb tucked somewhere in a corner. The comb can save you many blushes when the hair has an issue. You can use the comb to tease up some sexy volume and tame wild hair. You also use it to detangle any problematic knots and make the hair ideal for styling.

Hair Oil

This represents the nectar of life to any dry, damaged hair. A drop of the right oil can do wonders for your case and makes you look as if you have just stepped out of the salon.

These kinds of oil have many wonderful benefits if chosen the right way, and are a great addition to your kit. You need to choose the right one to enjoy the various benefits though.

The first step is to know what your hair needs in terms of oil. This depends on the kind of hair you have, with some being naturally oily while others are dry. The oil you choose should be easily absorbed into the hair instead of sitting on top of it, leaving you with greasy hair.

The hair type also comes into focus. For instance, fine hair needs avocado oil.

Final Thoughts

You need to choose the right kind of hair products and tools to grace your emergency hair styling kit. Make sure you take time to understand what your hair needs to come up with the best tool for the job.