Whynter BWR-18 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Wine is one of those things you only really appreciate as you get a little bit older. It used to be whatever you could get your hands on when you were a teenager, but now that we have all grown up a little bit there are few things as nice as a glass of good wine after a hard weeks work. It is the perfect chance to sit down in front of the television or radio, de-cork a bottle and just sit there and take in the world all around you. This then poses a separate problem. Where on earth will you keep all of this lovely wine you have begun to collect? The answer is in a wine cooler or refrigerator. These incredible inventions are the perfect place to keep all of your wine in one place and have it cool and ready for when you want it, so let’s take a look at the Whynter BWR 18 and check it out.

What does it do?

The name here pretty much gives it away, but you may be thinking “why is a wine cooler different to just putting my wine in the normal fridge?” Well the reasons are vast, and there are plenty of different features to ensure that a wine cooler is the one to pick to look after your precious bottles. The first is that this coolers double front panel is not only tempered, but it is also gray smoked glass which offers your wine UV protection. It might not seem like much but this makes a hell of a difference to the taste I promise! It also has a digital LED temperature display, and the powerful fan circulates the compressed air, which means that the temperature inside the cooler will be evenly distributed. Perhaps the best feature is the security lock and key so those eager hands are kept off of your wine!

How will I fit it into my kitchen?

There is no good way to put this, but this cooler is heavy. It weighs a whopping 75 pounds so once it is in place I would not recommend moving it again. The good news though is that it is small and compact so it won’t take up too much room. It measures 24.2 x 12 x 34 inches so you’ll be sure to be able to find a corner to put it in.

What are the good points?

This is a machine which knows how to care for your wine probably better than you do. There is a reason it is so popular on http://www.coolingwine.com/whynter-18-bottle-wine-cooler/ and that is because it does its job and it does it well.

And what are the bad points?

There appears to be a problem with this cooler freezing up rather than just cooling after a few months usage. This does not seem to be a problem across the board, but it is something well worth keeping an eye on.

Should I buy it?

If you want somewhere to store your wine which looks good and will ensure that it is at optimum drinking temperature whenever you want it then yes you should. It will make a welcome addition to any home and you’ll begin to notice the difference to your evening (or lunchtime, I’m not here to judge) drink almost immediately.