Wrong Side Surgery and What to Do

Wrong Side Surgery and What to Do

The mere thought of waking up from a surgery only to find that the surgical team performed the procedure on the wrong part of the body is scary and might seem like a scene out of a bad movie. The sad thing is such incidents happen, and many patients have had to live with the consequences of huge mistakes by the surgeon and his team.

When surgeons and their assistants behave negligently and don’t take special care when performing surgery, even errors that are inconceivable become possibilities. An operation performed on the wrong body part might not unnecessarily harm you; it might fail to address the problem at hand.

Surgical Procedures Need Proper Preparation

It takes a lot of preparation to ensure the surgery goes successfully. Any small mistake and the quality of life changes. This is why it is the surgeon and his team to go to great lengths to make sure the environment is ideal.

It Takes Months to Recover from Wrongful Surgery

Even a well-performed surgery in the wrong place needs months of recovery because it involves damage to your body. The surgery can take months on end to recover perfectly because nerves and blood vessels need to get restored fully. The surgery might also affect the quality of life of the patient.

In cases where the surgical procedure was performed on the wrong patient, the doctor who prescribes the operation or the surgeon who performs it might have committed malpractice and need to be taken to task.

The Role of the Doctor

The surgeon and his team are trusted with the life of the patient. They are required to take care of the well-being of the patient and their families. When they become negligent, people suffer and even die as a result. If you are a victim of this crime, you need to seek compensation for damages and the pain and suffering.

What Causes Wrong Side Surgery?

The major cause of this phenomenon is poor planning on the part of the doctor and his team. This happens when the doctor is in a hurry or when one of the assistants becomes careless. Another reason is lack of proper control systems for the surgery. Control systems ensure that the right patient is operated on at the right time and that the right procedure is performed.

Poor communication between the doctor and the patient can lead to wrong-side surgery. The patient needs to be in constant communication with the doctor and be able to answer questions. If communication fails, mistakes happen.

The doctor can easily avoid this mistake. It is all about making sure you confirm the details of each patient before taking any step. The surgical team should also check and confirm the patient’s chart before making the first incision. The surgeon should place a mark on the body part that is to be operated on when the patient is still conscious. Doing this gives the surgical team a visual guideline to make sure they are doing everything right.

What Should You Do?

If you get operated on in the wrong side, you need to talk to The Medical Negligence Experts as quickly as possible. Make sure you have evidence showing that the error was made deliberately. The expert helps you file a claim against the errant doctor and his team.

The aim of filing a claim is to secure compensation for damages. This can include monetary reward because of lost wages, ongoing medical treatment, medical bills, and rehabilitation. You also need to get compensated for the pain and suffering the surgery causes to you and your loved ones.